Core Technology

Deluge synthesizes and screens novel DNA-encoded, one bead one compound (OBOC) libraries that are a source of ligands for difficult targets, including proteins that function via protein-protein interactions. (Fig. 1).1

Deluge libraries are comprised of linear and
macrocyclic PICCO molecules (peptoid-inspired
conformationally constrained oligomers, Fig. 2).2

PICCOs are able to engage shallow binding sites, such as protein-
protein interaction regions and allosteric sites, which
traditional drug molecules do poorly. PICCOs’
conformational constraints allow them to bind proteins with higher affinity.3-6   
PICCOs are also highly cell permeable and stable to proteases.

Deluge OBOC libraries are screened using a novel FACS-based
technology that registers the selectivity of each molecule in the library, thus
favoring the isolation of highly selective ligands (Fig. 3).

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